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About LJD Towing:

LJD Towing & Repair is a family owned Diesel Repair Business operating since 1989. Starting out with just a large wrecker and a service truck working day and night to build it's self into what it is today. As a full service shop we can handle Minor to Major repairs.We also do preventative maintenance/tune ups and DOT Inspections. Servicing Rock Springs, and southwest Wyoming.

Our 24/7 Road Side Services can handle anything from jump starts to chaining up axles and getting truckers safely off the road and there loads safely back to our shop. We also can help with fuel delivery, fixing air lines, brake chambers, electrical problems and much more.

Our Small Wrecker can handle winch outs, break downs and towing/recovery 24/7. Our Heavy Duty Wrecker can help when your in need. Doing 24/7 towing/recovery. We can handle winch outs, tractor/trailer towing, loading trucks and equipment, motorhomes, rollovers/recovery.

At LJD Towing we understand your time is money so we try to get you in and out as quickly as possible while fixing your truck or trailer with permanent repairs.We are not a body shop but can do tempory repairs to get you back on the road. We fix it all from bumper to ICC bar and anything and everything between.